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PPP Loan Forgiveness

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Please call us at (314) 631-5500, or (800) 894-1350 if you have any questions. 


Since 1906, we’ve been St. Louis’ premier community bank. We invest capital profitably in our whole community, and we reinvest our local deposits locally. At Midwest BankCentre, $95 out of every $100 deposited stays locally in the St. Louis region to build the St. Louis area businesses and families, and every dollar circulates six times throughout the regional economy, on average. 

As we help local families and businesses prosper, they lift their friends, neighbors and customers so that everyone can RISE TOGETHER. Midwest BankCentre is moving the needle on the region’s financial vitality, one customer and one transaction at a time. 


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PPP First Draw by the Numbers

Customer Testimonials

We wanted to have a face with the loan, not just a loan. We didn't want money, we wanted a partner. Midwest BankCentre was a perfect choice. They are just what we were looking for. It is so much more than a transaction; we are building a long-term relationship."

Midwest BankCentre went to great lengths to make the process as smooth as possible. I can only imagine how hard they worked processing hundreds of loan applications so that businesses didn't have to trim staff. I really gained a new level of respect and appreciation for their dedication."

David Hawkins, Living the Word Church

Scott Baier, President & Chief Executive Officer, College Bound