Community Banks Drive Prosperity At the Local Level 

Midwest BankCentre Chairman and CEO Orv Kimbrough's White Paper, "David vs. Goliath: A Fight to Keep 'Community' in Banking" 

The United States is currently experiencing an unprecedented concentration of wealth and jobs in a few select coastal cities, and the American Heartland is being left behind. Small, community banks are well-positioned and resourced to help solve many communities’ systemic problems.  Access to financial capital—to buy homes, to fund educations or to start businesses—should be the right of all, and not just the privilege of the most connected.

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 Challenging the idea that “Bigger is Better” when it comes to banking, Midwest BankCentre Chairman and CEO Orv Kimbrough explains why community banks are best positioned to support communities like St. Louis.  He will also uncover the risks of “banking” with online giants like Facebook and Google. 

Orv further explores this topic in a series of blog posts that challenge the myth that bigger is better and explores the risks unwary customers face when they put their money in a financial institution that is not backed by the U.S. Treasury. 

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Orvin Kimbrough is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Midwest BankCentre

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